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Young Entrepreneur Learning Lab - After School Program

Young Entrepreneur Learning Lab - After School Program

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KidPreneurs work through the steps of starting their own mini-business from how to spot an opportunity, decide on a product or service, to prototyping, marketing, setting goals, creating a budget, customer service and the art of selling (a product, but also an idea).  Soft skills emphasize perseverance, communication and leadership. Program ends with a Market, where the kids sell their products to real customers. KidPreneurs keep all money they make on market day.  

Lemonade Stand Kids 
This class is the perfect introduction for younger Kidpreneurs and students who have no prior entrepreneur experience. LSKids will learn how entrepreneurs come up with business ideas. The program will also cover the what products and services are, target customers, marketing and the importance of customer service.

Money matters is an important of our programs. LSKids will learn about saving and the difference between wants and needs. They may be young but these are BizKids in the making!

KidPs will learn to turn problems into inspiration for their business. KidPs will learn to spot opportunities for their business. KidPs will be introduced to new concepts such as labour cost, mark up, promotions and many more!

Important money matters will be covered in this class as KidPs learn to set goals and design a budget.

This class is for intermediate students and students who have taken prior entrepreneur courses. Who says business is boring? These Kidpreneurs surely won’t!
BizKids start or continue an existing business or idea. All the fundamentals of starting and running a business will be covered. BizKids will also learn about market competition, customer’s spending profile, variable expense and gross vs net profit. This program is for teens who are starting to think of businesses or service that they can keep running throughout high school and beyond!
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