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The Weight of Words: An Alphabet on Human Rights

The Weight of Words: An Alphabet on Human Rights

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Human rights define our humanity, and maybe the challenge of moving forward on this issue must begin by a return to the basics.

The alphabet is one of the very first things that we learn as children. It is the foundation of reading, writing and communication. “The Weight of Words: An Alphabet of Human Rights”, then, is a call to reflect on the basics, and to again contemplate on the meaning and value of human rights. This book brings together professionals in the visual arts and graphic design industry, each of them choosing a letter or two to connect to a concept in human rights.

The hope is that, through these letters, words and art, the universal truths about human rights can again be revealed, shared, and reflected upon to ultimately reaffirm that human rights is not the cause of the chasm—it is the bridge that unites.



ARTWORKS BY: Electrolychee, Dan Matutina, Gerilya, John Ed De Vera, Jom Masolabe, June Digan, Keith Dador, Kevin Roque, Lala Gallardo, Meneer Marcelo, Palma Tayona, Wesley Valenzuela
LANGUAGE: English 
ISBN: 9789719689065
FORMAT: Softcover
SIZE: 8x8in
WEIGHT: 190g
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