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The Monkey and the Turtle

The Monkey and the Turtle

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When Monkey and Turtle spy a banana tree floating down the river, they take it ashore and cut it in half. Monkey grabs the leafy top half for himself, while the Turtle is left with the trunk and its roots. What follows is a classic fable of cunning and greed that escalates into a battle of wits and, ultimately, a fight for survival.

Rizal sketched this old Philippine folk tale on a guest book belonging to Paz Pardo de Tavera in Paris in 1885. The English text in the book is his own.

Today, over a hundred years later, Rizal’s work is made available to a new generation of readers with this vibrant, digitally enhanced edition.

“A superb children’s book.” — Philippine Daily Inquirer

“This book is a real keeper.” —Junior Inquirer Magazine

Size: 8 x 9 in
ISBN: 971-630-143-x
Year Published: 2003

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