Lunchtime with Samnang
Lunchtime with Samnang
Lunchtime with Samnang
Lunchtime with Samnang
Tangerine and Jade Press

Lunchtime with Samnang

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Lunchtime with Samnang celebrates a child’s love of learning, imagination, and exploration. As Samnang enjoys his favorite Cambodian dishes, he hears stories about his native country. Join the adventure at the table as Samnang sees the sights, hears the sounds, and tastes the flavors of beautiful Cambodia. What will Samnang discover about the food, people, cultures, and traditions of his grandparents' rich and vibrant homeland?

This fun, engaging children’s picture book takes readers on an imaginative journey, using the five senses to reveal the cultures, traditions, and flavors of Cambodia. Perfect for readers of all ages to enjoy!

Written by: Tracy Guan

Illustrated by: Bo Feng Lin

Dimensions: 9" x 9"
Board Book: 24 pages
Publisher: Tangerine and Jade Press
Language: English