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Little Smarts

A Tala Christmas Kit

A Tala Christmas Kit

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Deluxe Kit (includes all 3)

Enjoy making heritage crafts for the holidays. Learn about traditional Philippine craftsmanship and honour Philippine artisans’ talent by producing parol, taka, and puni stars. Enhance fine motor skills through creativity and accomplishing projects that will boost self-esteem, together with a deeper understanding of a traditional Filipino Christmas. 

Parol Making kit: (6+) 

Parol (from the Spanish word parol, meaning lantern or light)is a 5-point paper star lantern said to have originated in Pampanga. Lanterns lit town roads during dawn for townsfolk to find their way to church for those attending early morning mass. It is originally made up of bamboo, strings, and papel de hapon but other contemporary materials for the cover include all-weather plastic, capiz (shells), fiberglass, and light bulbs now replacing candles from the olden days.  

What's In the Kit: bamboo star frame (1), papel de Hapon and plastic for cover, rings, tails, glue sticks (2 pcs.) & glue stick, instruction manual , Little Smarts Holiday postcard set (5 pcs.)

What You'll Need (not included): hot glue gun, scissors, work gloves, cardboard

Taka Painting Kit (4+) 

Taka is the art of papier-mâché making using a takaan – a carved wooden sculpture used as a mold, originating from Paete, Laguna. Scrap or newspaper is layered in the wooden mold finished with brown kraft paper. Popular subjects of taka include manok, kabayo, and kalabaw (chicken, horse, and carabao), which is made primarily for local use. The traditional way of painting a taka is to use primary colors, add simple flower motifs, and use repetitive lines and shapes.

What's In the Kit: 5” papier-mâché stars (2 pcs), 4” papier-mâché stars (2 pcs.), glitter paint (random colours), paint brush, Little Smarts Holiday post card set (5 pcs.)


Art of Puni Kit (6+) 

Puni is the traditional craft of leaf fronds folding and weaving. Buli or buri (coconut palm) is the most commonly used leaf fronds for art. Puni forms or designs include children’s toys (ball, fish, star, bracelet), food containers (wraps, baskets, boxes), tools for religious and spiritual rituals; perhaps the most popular are palaspas (palm leaves arrangement). 

What's in the Kit: Buli (palm leaf) - 8 medium, 8 large; insturction manual, Little Smarts Holiday postcard set (5 pcs.)  


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